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Conspiracy to loop undersampled noise into repetitive rhythms, aka "techno"

picture taken in 1978
age 26

picture taken in 2005

  Aliases : Mike, Muzungu M'key, "El Perrito Blanco"
  Date of Birth Used: 1970 Hair: Brown
  Place of Birth: Warsaw, Poland Eyes: Grey
  Height: 5'10" to 6' Sex: Male
  Weight: 160 to 180 pounds Race: White
  Build: Unknown Nationality: Polish
  Occupations: Hamerski may portray himself as a postal factotum, translator, stock option market maker, graphic and/or web designer, Unix system specialist or musician.
  Scars and Marks: 21 stitches lower left leg, 3 stitches upper left lip, 5 stitches lower right lip, 30mm scar center of forehead at hairline, 5 stitches right side of chin, 40mm scar mid right forearm. Various ritual markings on upper body.

Hamerski is an avid reader with an interest in history. He is known to frequent libraries and maintains his physical fitness by dancing. He suffers from chronic caffeine and tobacco addiction.

A lifelong reprobate, Hamerski has been making music since the mid 80's. He has repeatedly convinced unwitting victims of his ability to sing and/or make music despite his evident lack of training or skill. He first came to criminal prominence as a vocalist for punk/hardcore bands peaceful califlower and ishma. After a ten year spree of "gigs", at which decibel levels regularly exceeded the legal norm, he suddenly disappeared from Lausanne shortly after recording a 6 song EP in '97. Despite allegations of vocal embezzlement, sample extortion and cavorting with hellspawn, no charges were subsequently brought against him.

Shortly thereafter, he reappeared in Geneva at the headquarters of basic.ch, a known leftist internet radio station. There he covertly indulged in illicit computer-related activities under the guise of a janitor. It is rumoured that he first started to make electronic "music" during this same period. In '99, he narrowly managed to elude capture by the Repetitive Music Task Force during an assault which left two officers deaf and another attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a leafy shrub for no discernible reason.

At this point we conjecture he went underground. It is known he did not release music during the 1998-2004 period. But as a former student of the Dept of Religious History, it is clear he may have entertained ties with various terrorist organizations or even attended advanced training camps in sonic warfare.

Several years later, an undercover agent spotted him at an illegal after-hour party in Zurich. When the agent attempted to approach, Hamerski allegedly looked him straight in the eye and murmured in a strangely compelling voice: "I am not the one you are seeking. The droids have left for the Goa party. You will buy me a drink and join them." The agent states he became confused and remembers nothing further. He was found two days later twirling a fluorescent baton in an empty warehouse in Wollishofen.

By the time investigators ascertained the whereabouts of Hamerski's lodgings, he had flown. At the scene remained a heavy armoured black box. After rigorous testing, it was determined to be an early model AS/400. It is feared Hamerski was attempting to employ this device for advanced modular sound synthesis. When questioned, his neighbours denied knowledge of his musical activities. It is thought that he used headphones while living under an assumed identity.

He is fluent in several European languages and has been known to alter his appearance through the use of disguises. Furthermore, he is believed to be in possession of several potentially lethal weapons, including nail clippers, a no-name multi-function tool and a high-powered personal computer or "PC". Witnesses claim he regularly carries a roll of "gaffa tape".

Hamerski may be traveling in Europe, Asia or within his own mind. He may have facial hair.

Last seen in Zurich, Switzerland, July 2006. He disappeared from that area immediately thereafter.

Presumed mentally unstable and potentially dangerous when cornered. 

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