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Hi, this is my little home. I go by different forms of my name but they all start with mi- and all end in hamerski. And no, I am not the best mortgage broker in Minnesota. I have been pretending to make music for over 20 years though. Rest assured that I am not a highly accomplished jazz drummer, nor did I submit to years of tortuous classical piano lessons. I did get a guitar at 15, but instead of learning to play it I went out and bought a RAT distortion pedal and fell in love with dissonant noise. I like distortion, bass and sounds that my mother once called "the death throes of a washing machine", and yes, we did rehearse in her cellar. I grew up on a steady diet of what may be broadly called hardcore punk, I even sang for 10 years in a band. Sometime in my mid-to-late 20's, I got more into electronic music, and that's what I do since. It's not that weird, I define music more by attitude than genre. Actually, lack of attitude.

Assuming you're still reading, you can get some idea of what I've done on the releases page. From time to time, I also pretend to have a job, so some of the stuff contained in my bio might actually be true. You get to pick and choose. If you just want to listen to the latest tracks, you might want to go here directly.

Finally, if you're into all this new-fangled social networking nonsense, I have consented to lower myself to your level, here, here and even here. But if you're looking for blogs, or any kind of interactive content, I'm afraid you won't find any here.