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we actually played our first gig as savage zukini, a very loose line-up of people including malcolm braff who went on to have a proper big band, samuel senti, who's a mathematician in rio, christopher bergmann, who writes under a funny name and olivier cevey, who through no fault of his own, became the brother-in-law of a famous balding drummer turned singer responsible for some of the most dire music in miami vice. small world innit.


1987 - 1994

peaceful califlower

yves guénat (bass)
stéphane favre (guitar)
roland williams (drums)
michael hamerski (vocals)
1994 - 1997


kathy spielmann (bass)
stéphane favre (guitar)
patrick puidoux (drums)
michael hamerski (vocals)


Records: this is more or less what I can recall, I'm probably wrong. If you're able to correct me, you might seriously consider getting a life. I've heard they're pretty cheap these days.


  * 1991 peaceful califower split 7” with identity (swe) b-core 
  * 1994 peaceful califlower 6-track tape self-released
  ** 1995 ishma 5-track tape self-released
  *** 1996 ishma split 7" with knut (ch) bone-tone
  *** 1997 ishma 6-track mini-lp unreleased
  **** 2004 mk1 8-track demo unreleased
  **** 2005 - 16-tracks unreleased
  * 2006 - 5-tracks unreleased
  * 2009 hamerski 6-track CD soon
    2009 hamerski 4-track virtual EP monokrak




  * produced by c.jenkins *** produced by t.van osselt
  ** produced by p.lang **** produced by s.grab 




  '87 - '97

around 101 concerts in switzerland, czekoslovakia, hungary & poland:
dolce vita, wohlgrot, ziegel oh lac, l'usine, reithalle, bikini test, case à chocs etc. various indoor and outdoor festivals as headlining, support or cleaning act. the highlight of the period was undoubtedly our one and only tour.
  '91 self-organized eastern european tour with identity (swe)
  Solo : 2001 rough & ready festival, zurich, vocals as sour_trout
12.03.04 rough & ready festival, dachstock, bern, electronics as boot_error
10.04.04 rough & ready festival, boa, luzern, electronics
16.07.04 merchurochrome festival, delemont, electronics as fist_of_love
22.08.04 rough & ready festival, walcheturm, zurich
15.03.05 dachkantine, zurich w/ r.orza as rorza
21.07.05 merchurome death party, jura w/ r.orza